Please choose from the themes below:

  1. HackCovid


  • Supporting the elderly, quarantined and those at higher risk
  • Technology and health
  • Improving remote working and studying
  • Building better awareness and behaviours


2. DigiHitam

  • Share learning solutions
  • Raise Classroom behaviour issues in realtime
  • Smart tutor
  • Build a AR/VR Solution for managing a virtual tour of the college with a bot guiding


3. TechnoMania


  • Automate homes and offices: The idea is to build a fully autonomous smart energy monitoring facility for an entire building. This will be like a smart home solution, but for an entire building.


  • Vehicle Maintenance: Build a mobile app that allows the owner of the vehicle to fill in timely information about the services done.Based on the input received, the app should detect what other parameters need service, when the next service is due, what parts need replacement, and so on. Furthermore, the app can also use augmented reality (AR) to help owners understand the functionality of their vehicle by simply hovering their phone camera over the different various buttons of the interior of the parts in the engine bay.



  • Find Parking spots: Develop a smartphone app that detects available parking spots in a given area. The idea is to help drivers focus on the road and reduce their fuel consumption by quickly finding available parking. The app can also include features like speed limit warnings and speed camera warnings on highways.




4. ThinkBanking(+)


  • Subscription Management System: Consumers are increasingly using the monthly or annual subscription services of Netflix, The idea is to create a mobile app or web platform to empower consumers to better manage their payments for ongoing subscription services like Amazon, Spotify, iCloud, DropBox, and so on.The focus of this software or app should be to help detect and manage consumers’ subscriptions once they fall into disuse.



  • Cash Flow Management: The idea is to help people view and study their overall spend analysis by developing a mobile app to analyze all the purchases made by scanning a receipt. Use optical character recognition (OCR) to simply click an image of a receipt and track payments.Using AI and machine learning, the app should be able to group items category-wise, for example, food, clothes, fuel, etc. The app should prompt users when they overspend or make repeat purchases.



  • eKYC system for document management using blockchain: The typical KYC processes are generally repetitive, time-consuming, leading to high administrative overhead costs and inconsistency. The routine KYC verification is used for in-house or multi-branch usage. 


Please try to provide detailed explanation of your project

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20,000 in prizes

First Prize

Amazon Echo for each member in team

Second Prize

Boat headphones for each member in team

Third Prize

Amazon vouchers worth 2000

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Biswojeet Panda

Biswojeet Panda

Sai Bhavani Kumar

Sai Bhavani Kumar

Jayanth Pathakoti

Jayanth Pathakoti

Shubham Yadav

Shubham Yadav

Judging Criteria

  • Based on the IDEA

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